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contact info

icq: 168932259
aim: suestomachfish

about the artist

cat goes to school at iowa state, where she lives with two illegal lizards, six fish (Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch), her roommate, and her roommate's cell phone.

some of cat's favorite sites:
toothpaste for dinner
natalie dee

about the art

cat greatly enjoys thomas kinkade and paintings of kittens. also, sarcasm. her favorite medium is a bad photo and a computer graphics program. her favorite artist is her boyfriend, Scott, the sculptor of dark - arch nemesis of thomas kinkade.

sarcasm aside, i only speak in the third person when sleep deprived. i love anything art nouveau (as you can probably discern from my works) and i hate abstract pieces that are all white because the painter "didn't want anything in the painting that wasn't supposed to be there". in short, i hate pretentious modern art, but not good modern art. emotive pieces with vibrant, saturated colors draw me like a moth. i like innovative presentations. if you are an artist and describe your inspiration as "the connections" between random things, then whether you know it or not, you are using a cop-out, because that's probably the most common "inspiration" i've ever heard of.

personally, my inspirations are generally very simple. some drawings start as doodles (like the penguins, who started as a doodle of a tulip-like nature). others begin as misinterpretations--when my eyes play tricks on me. most often, i'm insprired by simple everyday scenes that are usually taken for granted, which i think is a pretty typical inspiration. i don't typically get a lot of chances to use my inspiration to make personal art at present--most of my attention is fixed on projects and drawings for classes.

about the site

site created in dreamweaver mx by scott kubie ( he is an awesome boyfriend. (he also wrote this bit...though he is an awesome boyfriend.) check out drake broadcasting to see more about what he's up to at the moment. if you're going there to stalk him, go directly here.

all images, text, and designs copyright 2004 catherine hall